The Blonde and Brunette- a short story by Shannacorn


“Why do you look so sad?” the blonde girl asked from across the table. The bell was only minutes from ringing, and dismissing everyone to next period.

“Oh.” the brunette started, “I’ve just got a huge crush on the most impossibly straightest girl in school.”

“Really? Who is she?”

“I don’t want to say her name.”

“Well, how about I pretend to be your girlfriend. Make her jealous.” the blonde suggested, smiling prettily.

“Thanks.” the brunette laughed, “But she’s not the jealous type.”

“What’s she like then?”

“Popular. Smart. She’s always so happy. It’s so refreshing just to be around her. It’s no wonder she has so many friends and a caring boyfriend.”

“Well, how does she look? Is she pretty?”

“Stunning. She has clear milky skin, smooth dirty- blonde hair, and the biggest brightest eyes you’ve ever seen.”

“She sounds beautiful. Do you love her?”

“No, but I’d like to get to know her to see if I do.”

“Are you two friends?”

“No. To her, I’m probably just another face. I don’t think she even knows my name.”

“Oh.” the blonde sighed as the bell rang and students piled out of the room. She walked out to meet her boyfriend, her big bright eyes looking into his, and her clear milky skin contrasting to his tan.

The brunette was the last to leave. She smiled and whispered under her breath, “You always forget to ask my name.”

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